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Lesson Plan example for Physical Activities and Health

CICL空白教案1CICL空白教案  健體領域雙語教案 CLIL空白頁範例 Example

教案範例1 健體教案2 健體教案3 健體教案4 健體教案5 

CLIL健體領域雙語教案參考 Example1: PE lesson Unit 2: Run_Animals walk relays

Tag game 健體領域雙語教案參考 Example 2: Noodle Dance Tag

How to throw a Frisbee 健體領域雙語教案參考 Example 3: How to throw a Frisbee

Fundamental Movements in Games 健體領域雙語教案參考 Example 4: Fundamental Movements in Games_The Thunderstick Challenge

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Activities Bloom's Digital Taxonomy 2 Bloom's Digital Taxonomy 3 Bloom's Digital Taxonomy 4 健體領域雙語教案參考 Example 5: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Scaffolding TechniquesScaffolding Techniques 健體領域雙語教案參考 Example 6: Scaffolding Techniques

*Adapted from ideas presented in Echevarria, Vogt & Short , 2004 by Fortune, T (Mar 2004) with input from immersion teachers

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