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  1. Reviewing related studies
  2. Providing teacher training
  3. Conducting classroom observation
  4. Supporting teacher collaboration

The language of PE 

PE development leaners' ability to participate in and understand the effects of physical activities.
Work in a PE class is mainly physical and practical and done in large space, so communication is both verbal and non-verbal.
Demonstrations and presence of objects make it easier for learners to follow spoken instructions and explanations.

What is CLIL

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a competence-based teaching approach that is gaining ground in European education systems. The idea is to teach both the subject and the language, and is captured in the phrase "using language to learn, learning to use language.". CLIL encourages the use of curricula which promote the right interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity and communication and language abilities which are in demand by today's employers.

4Cs Framework in Motor Development, Physical Activities and Health


Fundamental Movements in Games

Physical Activities and Sports

This integrated learning proposal is based on CLIL 4Cs framework (Coyle et al., 2010). The 4Cs are Comtent, Communication, Cognition and Cultural. The 4Cs are interconnected and their description is useful for both planning and teaching an integrated learning programme. 
4Cs Framework in Health.
fundamental movements in games
4Cs Framework in fundamental movements and games.
framework in physical activities and sports
4Cs Framework in Physical Activities and Sports.